Floral Fun and Games

Welcome to the Floral Fun and Games Show, starring the powerful Poison Posies, charming Floral Fables, and the esteemed Pod Cast, and hosted by Lone Star Wildflowers and Land of Enchantment Wildflowers, purveyors of fine flowers.

Here’s your chance to test your powers of botanical observation and deductive reasoning, and if all else fails, of your ability to guess!

To refine your appreciation of the skilled craftsmanship and intricate designs of seed pods, play the Pod Cast game that lets you match flowers with their seed pods. We predict that you’ll be surprised at who matches up with what!

Pick Your Poison lets you test your knowledge of the enemy. Many plants have the potential to be a friend or a foe, depending on how much of which part is used. You’ll get a Red Alert! when you click on danger!

If you could make up a story about why a flower has its particular trait, what tale would you dream up? Match your skills at telling Floral Fables with those of the ancient ones, who have handed down charming stories about how certain plants came to be.

Got your competitive engines in gear? Let the games begin!